Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something I wrote a long time ago that I just found and thought was good

If we are adults, we are aren't old enough
If we are children, we are too old.
Treated like children, we take ourselves
Far far too seriously to be young
Treated like adults, we feel
the dreadful overbearing of responsibility
What else can we do?

We want respect, we want more and more
We want to be playful and fun
When did the time come for us
when childhood ended so abruptly into the adult
that we have completely forgotten
To smile, how to laugh at something that is funny

We are all missing the ingredients for a good time
Our dreams become our cages and shackles
Our imaginations are wasted on the mundane
No more youthful visions, larger than life
Fantasies and dreams and creativity
Replaced with business plans and synergy

The death of childhood into an adult world
If this is my cocoon, I never want to come out
I refuse to become a corporate butterfly
A faceless number, a nameless face
Lost in the midst of all the other pretty butterflies
Just a pretty statistic to feed into a machine

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