Sunday, April 18, 2010

human nature

So, ry and I got in a huge fight yesterday.  In front of Jeh and Stephanie.  So I feel like a tool.  Oh well.

I was wondering about human nature lately.  Ry lost his wallet and he can't find it so he thinks he might have dropped it at the gas station.  If he did, I am sure the fifty dollars he had in it will be gone even if he gets it back.  It makes me think of the time when I was out hiking with some friends and I found a kid's wallet.  Some of my friends wanted nothing to do with the wallet and told me to throw it in the river.  Others told me to take out the money and throw it in the river.  The only people who said to turn it back to the owner unscathed were me, ryan and my brother.  What is wrong with people? Here is a link to the whole story I typed a long time ago if you want details(I acutally can't find it, maybe one day I'll retype it for everyone to read).  It made me very sad and I still don't understand everything that went on there.  Am I naieve?

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